Ghosts, Analytics & Porn…Oh My

Recently our ops team noticed that some of our client’s websites are receiving a high amount of website referrals from porn links in Google Analytics.  After researching the potential cause, we discovered that these link referrals are known as Ghost Referrals.   These are just spam referrals, called ghosts because they don’t really visit your page.  The listings show up in Google Analytics by hitting random tracking-ID’s (the number associated with your site).  Most Ghost Referral listings tend to be from porn site referrals.

Here’s an example:

Spammers use these ghost referrals to drive traffic back to their website. Best bet? Don’t give them the pleasure. Don’t click! Instead, alert your web department/developer if you see a referrals with spam-like (and porn site) links like these. It’s usually not a high ranking referral, but will be at the bottom of your analytics.

To find out how to stop the annoyance and eliminate these fake stats read the blog here: