More Engagement, More Conversions

Did you know that your potential customer will put their trust in complete strangers’ opinions when deciding to buy your product or service? While your advertising will make customers aware of your business, social media recommendations and online reviews are often the deciding factor in whether or not your customer will convert. This is because today’s savvy consumer doesn’t always want to be advertised to, they want to be engaged. They want to have meaningful conversations with and about your brand to get as much information as possible before making a buying decision. We all know word of mouth is effective, but in today’s world of Yelp and YouTube, consumers are sharing and searching for product information with a lot more people than just immediate friends and family.


Many small companies avoid social media because they are afraid to see what people will say about them. They fear that a bad review and negative feedback from customers will ruin their business. They think that turning off reviews means they can stop any negativity. The fact is, whether you use social media for your business or not, your customers are still talking about you online. Users are motivated to create content about brands and post it on their own channels.


Social media users are forming online social circles made up of people with common interests, and they trust the other people in these peer groups regardless of whether or not they’ve actually met. Users in these peer groups are asking about and volunteering information about products, and their peers are more than willing to pay attention. Members of the groups can use the platform to ask or share about everything from where to get their car fixed, to what to feed their dog, to obtaining a local real estate agent. Many of these posts will get hundreds of comments with recommendations. If a typical Facebook user has had an experience they want to share, not only will their post on their personal page to reach their 200-500 friends, but they will also post on these peer group pages reaching thousands of members.


So how can you fit social media and user engagement into your marketing strategy for 2018? Consumers want a relationship with the companies they frequent. Think of your brand as a person on social media rather than a business, and engage with your followers. In your Facebook posts, talk to your customers. Show them what goes on behind the scenes that they wouldn’t normally see. Ask them what they thought of your event, sale, or new product, and respond. Make them feel like your business is a part of their community, not just a company.  You can’t stop people from talking about you in their social circles, so become a part of one in your community.

– written by Pamela Fasolo. For help with a social media strategy and management, contact


Keep Calm and Facebook On!

Facebook announced big changes to its news feed, but what does this mean for businesses?

In a move that took many by surprise, Mark Zuckerberg announced that Facebook is shifting away from news and marketing in favor of social interaction. The news feed has changed dramatically over the years, but this transition seems to be a return to its roots. After all, Facebook has always been a social network. It’s not surprising that they want to show users more personal stories from people they actually know.


Businesses have relied on posting content to their Facebook pages for years, but the seemingly constant changes to the algorithms made it challenging to find a formula that worked consistently. Recently, there has been a noticeable shift in lower engagement with any post using promotional language. Facebook has been making it clear that if businesses are going to promote themselves on Facebook, they’re going to have to pay. Many are saying this change will increase the cost and amount of ads on Facebook. So why bother keeping up with a Facebook business page?

woman on cell phone nice nails

On average 60% of all consumers research a business on Facebook. They’re more likely to make a decision about whether to patronize that business based on what they find there. Some of it is influenced by reviews, but it’s also based on how the business acts on social media. An active page with consistent posts is more appealing. It’s an indication to consumers that a business cares about the image they project online.


Engaging, organic content is the key to beating Facebook at its own game. Gone are the days of highly staged photos and text heavy ads. People want to feel a connection to a business, like they know the story and culture of the company, before they choose to spend their money. This is your opportunity to shine! Showcase what makes your brand unique. Highlight the MVPs on your staff. Give people a behind-the-scenes peek at your workday. Let them know about any community work your business does. Sell them on what makes your company great without having to buy a single ad.


At Enradius, this is the approach we use with our clients. We take the time to get to know each brand’s culture, so we can show the heart of the company on social media. We work to cultivate the relationships of a brand’s online community. We help build a base of loyal fans who actively engage with the brand. We keep an eye on trends to create genuine content that is timely and relevant. We help our clients weather the changes of the social media landscape whether big or small.

written by Taverlee Laskauskas, Editorial Maven and Social Media Strategist. Contact